A Day in the Life of Koa

  • Morning at Central Park is the Best Part of Our Day

    The best part of my day is mornings at Central Park with my pup, Koa. It is magical. Mornings at Central Park allows me to manages my stress, give gratitude, and a peacefulness before the chaos of the day. Not to mention the health benefits of regular exercise and physical movement for both Koa and me. I am fortunate to live near Central Park and grateful to make it part of my morning routine.

  • Quick, Easy, and Simple Apple Carrot Cake for Dogs

    This apple and carrot cake for dogs with Greek yogurt frosting is made with simple human ingredients with natural sweetness from the applesauce and honey. Every dog can enjoy this quick, easy, and simple recipe. I believe dogs should have fun and celebrate their lives too! Grab the recipe here!

  • Rhodeisan Ridgeback, the Right Breed for My Lifestyle

    Sharing my life with Koa has been one most rewarding experience, truly giving me unconditional love, joy, and companionship. When deciding on the right breed for me, I considered both about my lifestyle and personality. Rhodesian Ridgebacks where the perfect fit!
  • Choosing the Best Dog Food for Koa

    Koa is not food driven and a picky eater. Additionally, he has allergies! Thus, finding a brand of dog food Koa wants to eat is a challenge. I hav...