Living with a Dog in NYC: A Guide to Dog-Friendly Things to Do

NYC is a city that never sleeps with a never-ending stream of things to see and do. Whether you live or visiting NYC your four-legged friend is welcome to explore the city with you! Just ask Koa who has been living in the city since he was 8 weeks old. Koa considers Central Park his backyard and Manhattan his playground.

It is now easier than ever to plan a day out with your pup. Below is a tried and tested guide to adventures you can enjoy the best of NYC with your pup including dog-friendly eateries, activities, how to get around, and so much more.

Dog-Friendly Cafes and Restaurants

Grab a bite and relax with your pup at the following establishments.

The Wilson is the perfect spot to have a meal you’re your pup. Alongside an American-style human menu, there is a special menu just for your dog.

Boris & Horton located in the East Village is the perfect spot to grab a coffee and pastry. They frequently host events throughout the year, such as trivia and comedy nights.

Shake Shack is a popular spot we visit. The original location in Madison Square Park is the perfect spot to grab lunch for yourself and a pooch-ini for your dog and sit in the many outdoor park seating spaces in the middle of Manhattan.

Honorable Mention: Le Doggie Cool, Chateau le Woof.

Most restaurants that have outdoor seating allow dogs. A few of our favorites on the UWS are Bluestone Lane, Sara Beth’s, Crave Fishbar, Tessa, French Roast, Elea and Pier i Café.

Bars and Breweries

Most NYC breweries allow dogs. A few we have visited with a fur-friendly welcome are the Brooklyn Brewery, Five Borough Brewing Co, City Vineyard, and Bronx Brewery


Dog Runs and Parks

Central Park is a Koa favorite. We spend our mornings here where we enjoy the beautiful landscape where we can get our daily exercise and socialize with other dogs during off-leash hours before 9 am. Too early, come later in the day and enjoy a leisurely walk, sunbath with a picnic basket, or escape the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle

Dog runs are enclosed spaces for dogs to run and play located within parks and public spaces all over the city. The most popular dog runs are the Washington Square Park Dog Run, Madison Square Park Dog Run, and the Tompkins Square Park Dog Run.



Dog-friendly stores are found throughout NYC. Pamper your pup at any boutiques that cater to your dog’s needs and desires with grooming, gourmet treats, or picking up some new fashion items for their wardrobe

Many shops allow dogs in their stores, so take your pup on your shopping adventure. Some our go-to shopping are Macy’s at Harold Square, Tiffany’s, Landmark Store on Fifth Ave, TJ Maxx

Shops at Columbus Circle, Bookstores, and Farmer’s Markets.


Sightseeing and Activities

Brooklyn Bridge is an iconic NYC structure that is amazing to walk across with your pup. I suggest starting your walk from Brooklyn to view the Manhattan skyline and take photos!

Dog Beach in Prospect Park, Brooklyn is a favorite if your pup loves water

Riverside Park walks during sunset are a favorite of ours. Don’t forget to visit the community garden during the spring and summer months – it’s gorgeous!

Dog events such as parades, meetups, and festivals are always occurring in NYC. Stay connected and keep an eye on social media platforms. I organize the NYC Rhodesian Ridgeback Meet-up in Central Park, which occurs monthly. Get notifications sent to your email by signing up for updates at: or follow us on IG: @koasurfflife

Plan a personalized dog-friendly walking tour of NYC neighborhoods and take a photo of iconic NYC landmarks!



MTA Subway allows pups on the trains if they fit into a carrier/bag.

Uber has a “pet” option for an additional fee.


Let us know.

What spots do you enjoy with your pup in NYC? What is your favorite dog-friendly activities in NYC?

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