Morning at Central Park is the Best Part of Our Day

Andy and Koa walking in Central Park

The best part of my day is mornings at Central Park with my pup, Koa. It is magical.

I wake up every morning between 4 and 5 am. Depending on the season, we are out in Central Park between 6 and 7:30 am. This week, we have been leaving our apartment around 7 am.

Sunrise at Central ParkThe first hour at Central Park is majestic, the sky is like a painting as the sun rises over the east side of Manhattan. The air is cool and some days the mist covers the Great Lawn like a cloud. It is quiet; only a few patrons are out, you can hear bird chirping, and see squirrels playing.

Koa at the Great Lawn with the mist of the morning dew

The beautiful surrounding skyscrapers and natural preserves include a waterfall in the northern woods and a forest in the Rambles makes this iconic park a green space in a concrete jungle.

Crossing bow bridge, passing by sailboat pond, and Bethesda Fountain are some of my all-time favorite spots.

Andy and Koa running in Central Park

Regardless if we are running or walking, I use the peace to help me clear my mind. I just let my thoughts flow, unravelling any problems and gain insight into possible solutions. Working through life, and leaving it all on the pavement.

Koa and Kai playing in Central Park, NYC

By 8 am, the park is flooded with fellow dog owners, runners, bikers, and people passing through on their way to school or work. Some days we bump into some dog friends, and Koa runs and plays in excitement.

Mornings at Central Park allows me to manages my stress, give gratitude, and a peacefulness before the chaos of the day. Not to mention the health benefits of regular exercise and physical movement for both Koa and me. I am fortunate to live near Central Park and grateful to make it part of my morning routine.

What is the best part of your day? Comment below.

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