Quick, Easy, and Simple Apple Carrot Cake for Dogs

Koa's Ruff Life, Koa with his apple and purple carrot pupcake

During a recent therapy dog visit at our school, one of the students brought Koa purple carrots! Thus, I took to the kitchen and made a purple carrot and apple pupcake with yogurt frosting.

This apple and carrot cake for dogs with Greek yogurt frosting is made with simple human ingredients with natural sweetness from the applesauce and honey. Every dog can enjoy this quick, easy, and simple recipe. I believe dogs should have fun and celebrate their lives too!

Koa is not new to homemade dog treats, I have been making this apple carrot cake recipe for years now, and it is a Koa favorite. The next week, we were back spreading love and brought some apple and carrot cake for the students to give Koa as a special treat.

 Koa's Ruff Life, Koa enjoying his carrot cake


Apple and Carrot Cake Recipe

Apple and Carrot Cake Recipe for DogsIngredients:

100g Oat flour (may substitute whole wheat flour)
90g Carrots (shredded)
1 Egg
45g Apple sauce
20g Honey
Greek yogurt (for frosting top)


  1. Mix all ingredients together (except Greek yogurt)
  2. Bake at 350F for 20-30 minutes for muffins/cupcakes (60-75 minutes for a cake)
  3. Cool completely then frost with Greek yogurt and sprinkle a few carrot shreds on top

Storing Suggestion:

  • Place in airtight container and store in refrigerator up to 7 days
  • You can freeze the leftovers, wrap in plastic wrap and place in a freezer bag for up to 3 months

Although all human ingredients were used and safe for human consumption, this is better enjoyed by your pup! This is the perfect easy treat to make your furry friend to celebrate a special day.

Did you try making this recipe? What was your pup’s reaction? Let us know in the comments!

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